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Here you can find all the information about my apps and games.

All my apps are published on both Android and iOS. You will find links to both app stores at the bottom of the page.

Attack Of The Zoiks

Attack Of The Zoiks is a modern take on the classic space shooter game.

It is a full-on arcade game, full of action and designed exclusively for mobile devices.

Destroy wave after wave of alien invaders and keep Earth safe!

You have a number of awesome weapons to assist you in your mission to blow stuff up.

You will encounter many different alien craft, each type will get progressively harder to eliminate.

At the end of each section, you will be presented with a challenging boss battle, against an increasingly more formidable opponent.

There are multiple game modes to challenge your nerve and your skill.

Good Luck!



Conversion is a handy utility that will convert between various units of measure.

Really useful both when in the home, or out and about, to quickly convert weights, measurements or temperatures.

Here is a list of the conversions currently supported:

  • Inches->Centimetres
  • Centimetres->Inches
  • Fahrenheit->Celsius
  • Celsius->Fahrenheit
  • Gas Mark->Celsius
  • Gas Mark->Fahrenheit
  • Pounds->Kilogrammes
  • Kilogrammes->Pounds
  • Stones and Pounds indicator

More conversions will be added in later versions.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.

This fully-functional version is free and contains adverts.



Hangman is the classic pen-and-paper game.

You are presented with a word or multiple word phrase to guess, the game will pick one from random based on the category that you choose.

You then try to guess the phrase by choosing letters. If the letter is part of the phrase, then the letters will be revealed in the correct positions. If the letter is not part of the phrase, then the letter will turn red and you will more one move closer to losing the game and the hangman image will advance forward one step.

The game ends when one of the following conditions are met:

  1. All the letters of the phrase are uncovered.
  2. The hangman is complete.

Hangman is a simple game that can pass the time on a long car journey, yet it also has the ability to get your brain working.

This version of hangman is designed as a single player game. The computer will pick random words for you to guess.

It will improve your knowledge of the English language, increase your vocabulary and spelling.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.


- Is completely free.

- Does not need internet access, so will work anywhere, anytime.

- Has a selection of words suitable for all ages.


Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses is the classic pen-and-paper game. It also goes by the name of Tc-Tac-Toe.

The object is to place three noughts (O) or three crosses (X) in a line. The line can be across, down or diagonal.

The player who gets a line of three first wins.

If all the squares have been completed and no line of three has been achieved, then the game is a draw.

A very simple yet addictive game for all ages!

There are three game modes:

  1. P1 vs CPU (Easy)
  2. P1 vs CPU (Hard)
  3. P1 vs P2

So, you can either play with a friend, or challenge yourself against the computer.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.

Noughts and Crosses:

- Is completely free.

- Does not need internet access, so will work anywhere, anytime.

- Is suitable for all ages.


Radio Player

Radio Player contains a selection of the most popular radio stations in the UK, all combined within this easy to use app.

Radio Player is an internet radio app, so requires an internet connection at all times.

Radio Player remembers your selection, so that you can start listening to your favourite station as soon as you start the app.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.


Retro Racer

A fun, fast-paced arcade racing game

  • Multiple challenging tracks.

  • Multiple car types.

  • Full computer AI.

  • Customisable car designs and colours.

  • Customisable car performance.

  • Race Mode.

  • Time Trial Mode.

  • Power Ups And Weapons.

  • Build And Race Your Own Tracks With Our Track Editor!

Spaceship Challenge

Spaceship Challenge is the ultimate space combat simulator!

The year is 2159. The human race is at crisis point. It needs your help!

The expansionist phase of the early 2100s brought great prosperity to Mankind, and resolved the resource crisis that threatened the very existence of our species.

Colonies were established throughout the Solar System, and a sophisticated trade system developed between all colonies and Earth.

All was well in this new expanded universe, until the greed of man took over once again.

An advanced rogue colony has declared war on Earth!

You have just enrolled in the newly-formed Earth Defence academy.

The spacecraft and pilot experience level is still rudimentary, but our scientists and engineers are working around the clock to improve the performance of our craft.

Your mission is to defend the Earth by taking out enemy attack spacecraft.

Your commander will use the latest intelligence to ensure that you only engage with opponents that your skill level and equipment specification can cope with.

The rest is up to you!

Good luck!

Spaceship Challenge is a challenging game of skill where you progress through 10 levels of increasing difficulty.

There are a number of additional spacecraft designs that you can unlock.

The app is free and fully functional.


The Gas

This is an unofficial app for supporters of Bristol Rovers Football Club.

Follow the progress of the best team in Bristol!

The Bristol Rovers app has the following areas:


A list of the current Bristol Rovers squad members, with detailed information on each player.


Keep up with the latest results with our up-to-date fixtures and results service.


The current league table, always up-to-date.


Catch up on the latest Bristol Rovers news.

Top Scorers

The current list of goalscorers.

Club Info

Information about Bristol Rovers Football Club.


A list of the successes and achievements of this proud football club.


A collection of various historical stats.

I hope you enjoy this app, and that it enhances the supporter experience, and gives you useful matchday information.

I will be constantly updating this app so that it is always up to date and accurate, as well as to deliver new functionality.


Timer is a handy utility that will allow you to set up timers to control everyday tasks.

This app is perfect for co-ordinating cooking routines, allowing you to set timers for various cooking times as you prepare a meal.

Key features are:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • 3 separate countdown timers.
  • 2 separate stopwatches.
  • 2 beautiful colour themes (white and black).
  • a default alarm sound.
  • A specially designed "Cooking Mode".

The app is free and fully functional.

We also offer an in-app purchase, which has the following additional features:

- 8 additional beautiful colour themes.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.

Cooking Mode

The new "Cooking Mode" has been designed to assist in helping you organise cooking times, especially when cooking multiple food items in an oven. It will ensure that all food is finished cooking at the same time. You will also know when the food will be ready.

Perfect for roasts!

First of all, enable "Cooking Mode" by clicking on the mode button. It will display "Mode: Cooking".

Then enter in all the cooking times from your food packaging. Use the set button for each timer to load it in. Change the label above each timer so that it relates to the food being cooked, e.g. "Chicken", "Roast Potatoes", etc.

Finally, click "Start All" to begin. The longest cooking item will count down as normal, and this will be the overall cooking timer. The other items will sound an alarm when it is time to start cooking them.

Really useful!


Zocks Blocks

Zocks Blocks is a fun, fast paced arcade game. Destroy those blocks!

The object of the game is to complete all the levels. To complete a level, you must destroy all the blocks, armed only with a paddle and a ball.

Sounds easy enough...

To help you do this, there are four difficulty levels:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Insane

And there are a number of paddle designs, each with different shape to allow you to control the ball's direction. Choose the paddle that best suits your playing style.

New levels will be added at regular intervals so check for updates.

Good Luck!


Published Apps

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Spaceship Challenge

The Gas


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