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Welcome to the Code Wizard blog.

In this blog, I will talk about all aspect of mobile app / game development, and my experiences with that. I will cover all the tools that I use throughout the development process.

I also reserve the right to talk about anything else that is loosely relevant or that I find interesting...

Hopefully you will to.

004 - Baby Steps

Large projects and goals are daunting. Break them down into baby steps and get it done!

003 - My Gaming History

A brief journey through my gaming history, starting at the dawn of time...

002 - Writing Apps Is Hard

The app writing process is a lot more complicated than most people appreciate.

001 - Code Wizard

An introduction to me and what you can expect from this blog.

Published Apps

Attack Of The Zoiks


Classic Games Collection

Monster Burst

Radio Player

Retro Racer

Spaceship Challenge

The Gas


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