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14th April 2018

Welcome to the brand new Code Wizard blog!

This is not only the first blog from Code Wizard, it is also my first blog... So please bear with me...

Here is a brief history of my time.

Code Wizard is a trading name of Richard Mace Solutions Ltd, a software development company originally founded by me, Richard Mace in 2006. The first eight years I spent developing and supporting a Radiology Information System which was used by hospitals in the UK to manage their patient data. This work was really interesting and I learnt a lot during this time, but ultimately I had a dream and a desire to write games. As a result I made the decision to move into mobile app development.

Over the past four years I have taught myself how to design, develop and release mobile apps and games.

Code Wizard is all about designing, developing and publishing mobile apps and mobile games.

I am on a journey to produce life changing apps, both in terms of fun and getting stuff done.

I have a real Yin and Yang thing going on.

I am a big kid in a grown up world, so I naturally wish this for everyone. It is completely possible to be all grown up and responsible but at the same time still be 11 years old. Absolutely.

Gaming for me is a time machine that instantly connects me with my 11 year old self. I am never going to lose that connection. Gaming is also a form of escapism where we can take a break from our ordinary lives and immerse ourselves in a virtual world, whatever genre of game you choose to play.

Gaming nowadays has become acceptable and the norm. It is very much become an adult thing to do, not just something for kids. This was not always the case, and I am grateful to be living today and experiencing the explosion of computer technology on the world. Technology is awesome right now and the future possibilities are literally mind-blowing.

We have powerful futuristic hand-held computers that Star Trek never even had back in the Original Series days. We can transform and customise our devices by downloading apps that grant almost any functionality that our minds can conceive.

The possibilities are endless. Possibilities for fun, learning, productivity, and of course profit.

Mobile phones have essentially become an extension of ourselves, both in terms of a connection with the rest of humanity and also as a fashion statement.

There is also serious money to be made, both on the internet and within the app store.

I intend to change people's lives through amazing software and through serving others. I also intend to change my life for the better. Everybody wins.

This blog will document my experiences developing mobile apps and games, as well as allowing me to indulge in general rants regarding technology or any other subject that I feel the need to rant about.

I have lots of experience designing, developing and publishing mobile apps on both Android and iOS. I have not got anywhere near my goals both in terms of app download numbers or income, but I intend to get there, and I will document my experiences in this blog.

My intention is that this blog is a living, breathing account of one sole developer's path to the big time.

I will share the tools and techniques that I have found useful, and this may also help you on your app development journey.

Code Wizard. Bringing the magic back into gaming.

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