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22nd May 2018

Doing anything big can be very daunting. Literally any project in any walk of life, be it a home improvement project, or planning a wedding, building a business or even writing a mobile app.

All these things are hard. Hard to the point of impossible, especially at the start.

You may have an idea of what the end result may look like, how you want your home to look, to get married, release the next best selling app, etc, but you have no idea how to get there.

This is where panic can set in and it all can feel really daunting. Most people give up at this point.

This is where the idea of Baby Steps comes in. This principle is so universal that it can be applied to anything you are working on.

What Are Baby Steps?

Baby steps are literally baby steps. The idea is that you break a project down into really small pieces. These pieces are so small that each can be completed easily and are not scary at all.

It does not matter if you are not able to imagine every single step required to achieve your goal. All that matters is that you know what needs to be done next.

It is like driving in fog. All you can see is the bit of road you are on. As long as you position your car to remain on your side of the road, and avoid the cars in your vicinity, then through baby steps you will get to your destination.

It's also like driving following a sat-nav. You never check the whole route, as it is too complicated to memorise the whole route. Using the baby steps principle, the sat-nav gets you home one section of road at a time. Baby steps. Simple.

If you do weight training, you cannot build the perfect body in one gym session. It takes literally thousands of baby steps to achieve your goal. Each one is as important as the next. Each one builds upon the progress gained from the previous baby step.

You can achieve anything in life by using baby steps. Know what needs doing next and do it. Focus on the next baby step. When it is done, do the next baby step. It is that simple.

What usually happens is that as you complete each step, the next step or steps will become apparent. You will find your list of future baby steps will grow, to the point where you suddenly find a plan is becoming visible to you.

This is where the magic happens.

There is an element of intuition about it. You will feel what the next correct baby step is. Go with this feeling and embrace it. Do not over think.

Concentrate on doing rather than overthinking. Overthinking will just burn your productive useful energy and result in procrastination.

Try it today. Stop worrying about the big picture. Focus on Baby Steps.

Keep Moving Forward

Whatever stage you find yourself at in your project, the single most important thing to do at all times in to encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

If you find yourself struggling to either start a project, or are struggling for motivation part way through, then you need to find a way to get your ass moving.

Get yourself to the gym, turn on your computer, pick up the phone, open your journal.

Sometimes, it does not matter how little you do, as long as you do something. The times when you are not feeling it at all are the times when we give up completely.

Once we stop doing something, it becomes a million times more difficult to start again. There is a kind of inertia when it comes to being productive. We get into the habit of either doing something or being idle. Repetition is the key to remaining productive. Doing something regularly builds muscle memory, and we are more likely to keep doing that activity.

This is why it is key to follow the baby steps principle and keep moving forward. Little and often is much better than a binge of activity followed by weeks of inactivity. Also we get motivated by seeing regular progress.

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