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Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses is the classic pen-and-paper game. It also goes by the name of Tc-Tac-Toe.

The object is to place three noughts (O) or three crosses (X) in a line. The line can be across, down or diagonal.

The player who gets a line of three first wins.

If all the squares have been completed and no line of three has been achieved, then the game is a draw.

A very simple yet addictive game for all ages!

There are three game modes:

  1. P1 vs CPU (Easy)
  2. P1 vs CPU (Hard)
  3. P1 vs P2

So, you can either play with a friend, or challenge yourself against the computer.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.

Noughts and Crosses:

- Is completely free.

- Does not need internet access, so will work anywhere, anytime.

- Is suitable for all ages.


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