Eagle AAR104-Weslake

Eagle AAR104-Weslake (In Car)
  • The best looking F1 car ever?.
  • The Eagle has the highest top speed and very good acceleration.
  • This is a very fast car, only slightly behind the Lotus.
  • Good handling, except at high speeds.
  • Advanced drivers must drive this.

Car Specifications

CarEngine Size (cu in)Engine TypePower (bhp)Wheelbase (in)Front Track (in)Rear Track (in)Weight
Brabham18316v V835093.553.055.51105
BRM18232v H1642394.058.860.01381
Cooper18336v V1239098.059.559.51231
Eagle18348v V1241596.560.060.01165
Ferrari18248v V1241094.559.559.81129
Honda18348v V1243096.059.559.51313
Lotus18332v V840095.060.060.01105


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