GPL 2004 Demo
This is the version of the game that I play, as it contains all the patches and looks amazing.
Grand Prix Legends Wikipedia
Fantastic website - get all your car and track updates from here. Do not play Grand Prix Legends without installing all the updates from this website that your PC can handle! Eagle Woman
Good site with lots of useful information and links.
GPL Foolishness
Excellent site for beginners and experts alike. Lots of driving tips and theory.
A Beginner's Guide to Grand Prix Legends
GPL++ The Addons
The Legendary Circuits
Rouen Visit
Very interesting information about what the glorious Rouen circuit looks like now. What a shame!
Play GPL on Linux
The Nurburgring
History of the Nurburgring plus lots of information
Lords of the 'Ring
History of the Nurburgring
Jim Pearson's GPL Training School
GPL Rank
GPL Track Creating
GPL Track Database
GPL Links

Broken Links (as of 7/7/2009)

Motor Racing Circuits Database
This is basically the best website ever created! See how the circuits evolved over time. Makes you really appreciate how bad modern F1 circuits are compared to their original configurations. HotGrid's Ultimate GPL Linkspage
Legends of '67
Spa-Francorchamps Visit
Lots of history from the superb old Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Much better than the new version!
Oppositelock - Nurburgring / GPL
More history, plus an excellent map and GPL driving guide.
1967 Season Results
GPL Replay Analyser

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