Mobile Apps

Richard Mace Solutions are an independent UK software development company, specialising in Mobile App Development.

Our design philosophy is to design clean, easy-to-use apps.

Our apps are released on both the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms, and look identical on both platforms.

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We can also design an app for you. Please contact us today to discuss your idea.

Attack Of The Zoiks

 Attack Of The Zoiks

 Attack Of The Zoiks is a modern take on the classic space shooter game.

ConversionLogo 200x200


 Conversion is a handy utility that will convert between various units of measure

Hangman Android 200x200 Silver


 Hangman is the classic pen-and-paper game

Noughts and Crosses Android 200x200 Silver

 Noughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe)

 Noughts and Crosses is the classic pen-and-paper game

Radio Player Android 200x200

 Radio Player

 Radio Player contains a selection of the most popular radio stations in the UK

Space Ship Android 200x200

 Spaceship Challenge

 Spaceship Challenge is the ultimate space combat simulator!

Bristol Rovers Android 200x200

 The Gas

 An unofficial app for supporters of Bristol Rovers Football Club

Timer Android - 200x200


 Timer is a handy utility that will allow you to set up timers to control everyday tasks

Zocks Blocks

 Zocks Blocks

 Zocks Blocks is a fun, fast paced arcade game. Destroy those blocks!