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Here is a beginner's guide to using pendulums for the purpose of dowsing and divination.

by Richard Mace 14th October 2014

This guide is simply for information purposes only, is simply the view of Sparkly Angel. We will not be held responsible for any action taken or any decisions made using pendulums. Pendulums can be life transforming but use at your own risk.

This is not a definitive guide by any means, but it may prove useful when entering the daunting world of using pendulums for spiritual purposes.

NOTE: You do not have to be a religious or spiritual person in order to use a pendulum. It will work, although it will work better with spiritual energy behind it.

Choosing Your Pendulum

The choice of a particular design of pendulum is largely a personal one. It is a very personal item and should, therefore, be something that is:

A traditional pendulum consists of a relatively heavy object suspended via a piece of string or chain. Spiritual Pendulums follow this principle but are mostly shaped crystals suspended by a chain.

The shape and design of the pendulum crystal does not affect the operation of the pendulum, although a symmetrical shape is preferred, both in terms of aesthetic appearance and balance.

The weight of the pendulum crystal does have an effect on the performance of the pendulum, lighter pendulums are more sensitive than heavy pendulums. This is down to personal preference.

There is no optimum length for the chain, this is again down to personal preference.

If you are choosing a crystal pendulum, for general purposes, the actual crystal type does not really matter. The pendulum will work no matter what it is made of.

Pendulums that are made of wood, metal, glass, stone will work just as well for basic use. The pendulum is just an extension of your spiritual being, after all.

Having said that, crystals have very powerful energies associated with them, and will enhance the performance and experience of pendulum ownership. Over time, they will resonate with your body's energies and help you along your spiritual journey.

If you are new to crystals, then I would suggest choosing one of the many varieties of Quartz for your crystal pendulum. Either Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz are good starting points. Clear Quartz is a good general purpose crystal, and Rose Quartz is associated with love, and love is a perfect feeling when working spiritually.

If you have experience with crystals, then I would suggest choosing a crystal that you have an affection for. One that you have used in the past and resonate with.

Of course, pendulums can be used for healing, and choosing a particular Chakra crystal is beneficial for the area of the body that is being worked upon. Healing is outside the scope of this article.

Storing Your Pendulum

There are no special requirements for storing your pendulum. Having said that, I find that my pendulum is a special thing to me, so I take care of it as best I can.

Crystal pendulums can be fragile, and the tips in particular are prone to chipping.

I store my pendulum in a soft cloth bag during the daytime, and then in a wooden box at night when I am not using it.

Cleansing Your Pendulum

I personally do not have any particular routine to cleanse my crystals or my crystal pendulum. I simply close my eyes, take a few deep meditation breaths, and ask the crystal to help me along my spiritual journey. I ask it to help me answer any question that I may have and to give me the insight to understand what the universe is telling me. I finish by expressing my gratitude to the universe for helping me to grow.

Essentially I use the power of visualisation to both cleanse and take ownership of my crystal pendulum, and I visualise the pendulum helping me and being a force for good in my life.

I find that the more time I spend handling my pendulum increases my connection with it, and improves the accuracy and responsiveness of the pendulum. There is no substitute for putting the time into practicing. It will pay off.

There are many different methods for cleaning or charging crystals, no one method is right or wrong. Just find the one that works for you. Here are some examples:

All the methods are valid, we do not recommend one above the others. Find one that feels right and practical for you, and use it.

Programming Your Pendulum And Using It To Answer Questions

Similar to the section on cleansing, there are many methods for programming and using your pendulum.

As before, I use visualisation to programme my pendulum.

I recognise only two answers:

Other people have two other states, namely "Maybe" and "Don't Know". These are not wrong, I just do not use them.

To programme my pendulum so that it can be useful, I literally ask my pendulum to give me first the answer for "yes", and then the answer for "no".

If it is working for you, then you will get a very different swinging pattern for each answer. For example, I get the following:

You may get different responses. This will vary from person to person, and possibly (but not for me) from pendulum to pendulum.

The important thing is that you should always get the same swing pattern no matter how many times you use it. It should be 100% repeatable.

It is good practice to ask for the "yes" and "no" response at the start of each pendulum session. Then I follow by asking some simple "known" questions, for example, your name, location, etc.

The pendulum is held away from the body, with the arm relaxed. The position should be comfortable to you, and you may be standing or seated. Pendulum sessions can last for up to an hour in extreme cases, so it is important to be comfortable and relaxed.

The environment should be calm and peaceful. Incense, candles and soft meditation music can help set your mood. Being relaxed, calm and "mindful" is very important. If you are tense or stressed in any way, then I would suggest a period of meditation beforehand. You really need to be at peace.

Before asking each question, I start the pendulum spinning in a clockwise direction. I then ask the question in my head, and wait for the pendulum to answer the question. This usually happens quickly, within 10 seconds or so.

After each question, I hold the pendulum and say "Thank you". Not just saying it, but feeling it. Gratitude is very important.

There is an alternate method for starting a pendulum, and that involves the pendulum being completely still before asking the question. The pendulum will swing of its own accord, although it will take longer to produce an answer. This is not better or worse than the "pre-swing" method, again it is personal preference.

It is important to note that no part of your body physically moves when the pendulum answers your question. It is not movement of the arm or hand that causes the pendulum to swing. The pendulum is moved by subtle changes in your body's energy. It is a sensitive energy detector.

The Importance Of Choosing Precise Questions

Using a pendulum for answering questions will either succeed or fail depending on your ability to ask the correct questions.

Questions need to be simple, unambiguous, and have a simple yes or no answer.

Examples of good questions:

"Is my name Richard?"
"Do I live in England?"
"Am I happy right now?"
"Am I in the right job?"

Examples of bad questions:

"What shall I choose for tea?"
"Why am I not happy?"

Obviously any question with a yes or no answer can be asked, and the pendulum will answer for you.

I would avoid questions about the future. They can be vague, and remember that the future can be changed. So the reliability of any information about future events is unreliable at best. Also, information about the future may not be helpful for us. Proceed with caution.

Questions about the present and your current feelings or emotions are very helpful though.

Where Does The Answer Come From?

The truth is that nobody really knows where the answer comes from.

Our bodies are made up of energy, and we have an energy field that reacts with the pendulum. The pendulum amplifies and focusses the body's energy field and produces an "answer".

The source of the answer largely depends on your own individual religious beliefs. My opinion is that the answer comes from within you, from your subconscious. Your subconscious gathers its information from all your live experiences, it also draws information from your higher self. Your higher self is connected to the whole universe. You can choose to label this in any way that you see fit.

You may also have connections to spirit guides, and people in spirit. Again, this depends on your religious beliefs and your spiritual abilities.

Enjoy your journey with your pendulum, as I said earlier, it will be life transforming.


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