Richard Mace is a trained, experienced, intuitive Tarot reader.

I am a positive and spiritual human being, but any magical qualities that I may have are the ordinary, everyday kind that involves working hard, helping others and trying to be a force for good in the world.

My speciality is distance readings, and my style of readings is very much of the life coaching style.

I do not make vague predictions of what the future may hold, instead I offer guidance to help you make the best decisions today to attract the future that you desire, which I feel is a lot more useful information for you.

I believe that we all have free will, and have the power to change our future. So, the most important thing for us all to do today is to be working on the things that are needed to bring the future that we desire to us.

You do not need to know what the future may bring, all you need to know is what you intend the future to be, and what you need to be doing right now. Any information on your future is likely to prevent you from working hard to make your dreams come true. Human nature dictates that you will most likely sit back and wait for the universe to deliver your future to you. Life does not work that way, you have to go out and make your dreams happen.

Our actions today are the seeds of our future selves. We literally reap what we sow.

Tarot is an extremely empowering tool for self-improvement and self-development. It teaches us what we need to be doing and shines a light on our strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to grow as people.

For me, Tarot does not tell us our future. Instead, it allows us to create our future.

Tarot Code Of Ethics


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